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PLEASE NOTE:  The entrance for the Akron Education Campus is now located at the WEST end of the facility (the end nearest to route 77.  Parking will be located to the rear of the building.

Contact the Akron Education Campus at 330-666-1161.

The Philosophy of the Akron Education Campus

It is our responsibility as educators to positively promote education; to spark the "enthusiasm to learn" within each student; and to provide the foundation for insight, knowledge, discernment, and wisdom within individuals as they become lifelong learners.  Developing these skills is essential for the growth, prosperity, and conscientious decision-making necessary for our society.  Because we have had the experience at the Akron Education Campus of working with individuals who have done very well at school and others who have not done well, we are very aware of the skills necessary for educational success.  Our goal is to teach those skills.  

Don't be concerned about our modest fees.  It isn't a question of "Get What You Pay For", it's "Getting More Than You Pay For". 

No long-term contract required.  We are so confident that you will be satisfied, that we arrange for you to start or stop at any time.

Many years of experience, expertise and success in teaching, comprehension, thinking, problem solving and live of learning.


SPEED READING                       STUDY SKILLS


            DEVELOPMENTAL READING              TUTORING (includes all levels of Math - Algebra, Geometry, Calculus)

    HSLDA Consultant

Master Card, Discover and Visa accepted.

50% discount on interview/evaluation visit for Veterans and their families!!

No requirement for long-term contract.

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Many discussions about American Education point out that money has not solved the problems in American Education.  The current approach to education is not designed for creative thinking - success is based on spitting back information that has been presented by the teacher.

Many Schools of Excellence are judged that way because the students have good ability and are raised with an attitude of obedience and conformity.  Independent thinking and problem-solving are not a part of this educational approach.  It is far easier to teach a student words or sounds than it is to create an understanding of what is meant by the information presented and why it is important. 

The philosophy of the Akron Education Campus is to not only help children "decode" words on a page - but also to teach them to THINK about what they are reading.  It is for this reason that so many of our students improve their grades not only in reading, but in other subjects, as well.

Education in the News!


A recent issue of US News & World Report  is devoted entirely to colleges, information for new HS graduates, and being ready for success in college.  One of the articles focuses on student preparation and the lack of analytical skills - even among students who have a high GPA in High School.  Check it out!

TIME Magazine

Another excellent education article in TIME Magazine:  "What Makes a School Great".   It pinpoints problems and offers some concrete suggestions.  It isn't just a question of throwing more money at the schools.  One example of the data:  student-teacher ratio in 1970 was 22:1;  in 2007 the ratio was 16:1.  There has been an increase of 123% in per-pupil education spending in that same period. The change in academic performance among 17 year olds from 1971 to 2004 was 0%.  Fortunately there have been some improvements in recent years that are not reflected in those figures, but....   


We are a locally-owned, privately operated learning and tutoring center.  We have been in operation as an independent entity for over 50 years with a 90% success rate.


We are not a "drill and kill" program.  We do NOT use computer practice programs (you can do that at home).  Our program involves one-on-one sessions with one teacher and one student (not multiple students supervised by one teacher).


Fall and Winter operating hours are 8:00 to 8:00 Monday through Thursday.  Saturday mornings, we are open from 9:00AM to 12:00 PM.

Summer operating hours are 8:00-8:00 Tuesday and Thursday; 8:00-5:00 Monday and Wednesday.


Dr. Franck has worked with our son to help his reading comprehension problem. We are impressed with her enthusiasm and the progress our son has made.  She cares about children and we recommend her services to anyone needing them.

Ton & Sandy Szerpicki

I've always told Adam how much I love his kind and loving heart.  Adam is a care-free, "live life to the fullest" child.  At the age of six, however, he had low morale and self-confidence.  He was struggling with handwriting and reading in school and it was affecting him both emotionally and academically.  I contacted a learning center that advertized a lot but was not pleased.  When I consulted my physician, he referred me to the Akron Education Campus.  When I called them, I was told that they wanted to evaluate my son before any appointment could be scheduled.  Dr. Franck wanted to see exactly where my son was struggling in order to determine if the Campus was right for him.  Their evaluation took approximately 45-minutes.  Dr. Franck was very professional during the evaluation.  Her main focus was on Adam.  Being a teacher myself, I was very impressed with Dr. Franck.  Her knowledge and years of experience were very evident.  I had come to the right place.

My experience with the Akron Education Campus has been so great that I referred my two nieces and my best friend's daughter to them.  Both parties have nothing but good things to say about their experience with the Akron Education Campus.

Adam has been with the Akron Education Campus for almost a year now.  His handwriting and reading capabilities have accelerated tremendously.  More importantly, his confidence and self-esteem have improved.  I finally have my son back!

Ellen Dalessandro

The tutoring at the Akron Education Campus is terrific!  I wish all parents in our community knew about it!  We had tried tutoring for our children at a local university and two "chains" over the years.  Our children would ask not to go after a few sessions at the other places saying they were not learning anything and did not like it there.  At the Akron Education Campus, we saw immediate and, quite frankly, astounding results!  Best of all, our kids never complain and are always very happy to go there.  This place works!  I highly recommend it!

Susan Paparella, Bath, Ohio 

The Akron Education Campus in Akron Ohio, is a resourceful and extremely beneficial learning center with an exceptional staff that offers individual attention in many academic areas.  Speed reading had been a challenge for me; however, since attending these personal, one-on-one sessions, I have seen great improvement in my ability to read through a passage rather quickly and retain what I have read.  Dr. Franck is a wonderful mentor and the "old school" learning techniques offer great opportunities for improving one's weaknesses in specific areas.

Tre Turner (Age 17)

We are so grateful for the help in math and language arts our grandaughter is receiving at the Akron Education Campus.  Much improvement is skills.  We plan to continue in this school year.

D. Popovich

Master Card, Discover and Visa accepted.

The Akron Education Campus is locally owned and operated.  It is NOT franchised.